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After-hours Slowdown: Ways to Ease Tension at Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on our health, our lifestyles, and even our work lives. Since the start of the pandemic, our work setup has shifted virtually. Companies have opted for a remote work setup to keep their employees a bit safer from the virus. There are side effects to this remote setup,

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Fresh Graduates Thriving in Their Careers During the Pandemic

If there’s anything that teaches us every day that nothing in life is defined, it is the ongoing pandemic. Since COVID-19 hurt the economy, the job market landscape came down with it. Fresh graduates no longer find themselves in several job interviews. Instead, they’re cooped up in their homes, weighing only a few job options.

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How Small Businesses Can Improve Customer Retention

Whether you’re managing a large or small business, the key to success remains the same. It’s customer retention. While you can attract new clients with good marketing, keeping them is an entirely different thing. Loyal customers are the ones who will keep your store afloat even when the business is slow. They can also help

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What Does It Take to Be a Freelance Tour Guide During the Pandemic?

International travel is currently not an option for people who desire to do non-essential travel. But it doesn’t mean that domestic tours in open areas are banned totally. By “tours,” we don’t mean large groups of people in rented buses going to a museum, theme park, or zoo. In the new normal, tours would likely

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Building Your Home Office: What You Need

Having a home office is an excellent way to keep your focus on your home-based business. Many people who work from home often get distracted when they work from their living room sofa or kitchen table. A dedicated workspace ensures that you can work with no interruptions. Here is how you can build your home

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Managing Employee Burnout: Creating Trust and Productivity

Top management, especially in small businesses, has a lot on their plate. They are responsible for setting the overall direction of the organization, keeping an eye on operations, and ensuring that funds and resources don’t run out. With everything happening, it’s easy for them to overlook what’s going on at the employee level. Prioritizing the

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A Guide for Workwear Maintenance for Your Employees

Employees are extensions of a company. As representatives of your brand, workers need to create a good impression for your customers by looking clean and well-groomed at all times. One of the simplest ways to do this is to keep train them to keep their workwear presentable. Presentable workwear does not only require clean and

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How to Maintain Accountability in the Workplace

Accountability in the workplace is a crucial factor in the success of your business. You’ll notice that your entire operation is better when your employees foster a sense of responsibility and integrity amongst themselves. As the leader of your business, it’s important that you lead the change towards more accountability in your workplace culture. Here’s

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Mistakes to Watch out for If You Plan on Working Remotely

With everything that is happening around us these days, it can be hard to make some cash. Ever since the pandemic started, many businesses have had to shut down indefinitely. The good news is that technology has now made it possible to earn even if you don’t leave the house. Many businesses already set their

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4 Things You Need to Know When Looking for a Supplier Partner

Time is money if you are running a business, and if you want to shorten the time it takes to bring your product to market, then you need a competent and experienced equipment partner. Specifically, you need a manufacturing equipment seller who is responsible for sourcing and testing the equipment you need. You need to

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