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Small Business

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College Students Can Make Money on the Side Without Actually Working

It’s almost impossible to meet a college student without a job. Even kids of rich families take odd jobs here and there for extra money. But if you are hell-bent at fulfilling all your college requirements and graduating on time, you have to pour all your time into researching, studying, and taking as many college

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Operating from Home: Small Business Ideas You Can Manage at Home

When you think about starting a business, your mind will wander to commercial space rentals, managing employees, office supplies, and even commuting to and from the business site. It’s tiring to just think about all the work, especially if you’re a budding entrepreneur. Thankfully, a lot of businesses can now start right from the comforts

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Getting People to Visit Your Online Shop More Often

The Internet has made it that much easier to set up your own shop and reach consumers far and wide. This accessibility has its advantages, but it can also be a crutch when making its way for a vast market populated with thousands of other hopeful competitors vying for the audience’s attention. Not to mention

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Adopt the Dropshipping Model and Thrive in the New Normal

Is it possible to start an online shop with minimal capital and no inventory? Dropshipping says yes. Dropshipping isn’t a new model. It began to create a buzz among young entrepreneurs two to three years ago. But it becomes increasingly popular as more people look for additional income amid the pandemic. So how does it

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Quarantine Entrepreneurs: Businesses You Can Start at Home

With the threat of the coronavirus still present, people from all over the world have been encouraged to stay home. Our daily routines have been disrupted, especially our ability to report to and from our offices. This is a great challenge that businesses weren’t able to foresee. It also poses a problem for individuals who

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Protecting Your Privacy When Running a Home-based Online Business

How do you know whether you can trust an online business? What do you look for before buying from an online store? You want the store to be credible. You can measure a store’s credibility by the number of its followers on social media, the comments and reviews, and the availability of the store’s contact information.

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How Can a Community Pharmacy Achieve Improved Efficiency?

As a local pharmacy operator, you should always look for opportunities for improved efficiency. With an efficient pharmacy, you can service more customers, better monitor costs, and increase profits. But where can you find ways to become more efficient? Leverage these three opportunities to achieve improved efficiency in your pharmacy. Perform an audit of existing processes

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Does Your Small Business Need a Consultant?

Many successful businesses started small with the owner doing all the work on their own with little to no help from anyone else. It is an attitude that is admirable but sometimes detrimental to success. At some point, a small business owner must recognize that they need help. If their business encounters a crisis or

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How Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Can Use VoIP

Working from home or telecommuting has been a popular option among companies. Businesses are beginning to realize that their employees are happier and productive with this new setup. Aside from happy workers, employers are also enjoying the benefits of allowing their workers to telecommute. Some of these perks include savings from overhead costs and attracting

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