Small Business

Small Business

Saving for Your Retirement

While you don’t realize it now, planning for your retirement is crucial even at a young age. But with all the expenses and your existing debts, saving up for your retirement can be a challenge. If you’re still on your prime years, now is the best time to build your wealth, especially if you’re thinking …

How to Start Saving for Your Retirement While You’re Still Young Read More

Automotive Manufacturing

South Carolina is home to the first successful automobile manufactured in the Southern United States. It was 1916 when Anderson Motor Co. introduced the first Anderson model. This was when Henry Ford was finishing a Model T – the first mass-produced automobile on an assembly line – every 10 seconds. The Anderson used luxury materials …

South Carolina Remains as One of the Leaders in Automotive Manufacturing Read More

Input Costs Without Affecting Your Yield

The economy is ever-shifting, and with it usually comes the gradual increase in commodity prices. In the farm, it can get really difficult to make ends meet without sacrificing your profits, especially your yield. The good news is, there are actually ways to reduce your production costs while maintaining the farm’s yield. Spend less on …

Reduce Input Costs Without Affecting Your Yield Read More

Hand pressing BRAND button on blurred cityscape background

People are visual beings. We feed our minds and souls with images that make us question, ponder, and discover the matters of the world. What we see, we embed in our memories. And this, we manifest further in this digital day and age. We have seen the emergence of well-known businesses rebranding over the past …

Translating Brand Philosophy Into Visual Identity Read More

Franchise Text on a Table

Growing a business in today’s market is not simple. Stagnating will quickly edge you out of the industry. The best choice for companies to expand is franchising. However, becoming a franchisor is not as easy as getting a few startups and established firms to invest in you. Without an expert to tell you how to …

The Components of an Effective Franchise Read More

Food business owner

Many investors today are looking for opportunities in the food business. This makes the industry more and more competitive, especially for first-time entrepreneurs. Just like any other business, you need to do your homework to make your investment worth it. Here are a few pointers when starting a food business. 1. Distinguish yourself from your …

Business Talk: 5 Factors to Consider when Investing in a Food Business Read More

Commercial building with landscaping

Small business owners hardly ever consider the effects of unkempt and outdated commercial landscape design on their day-to-day business. Many do not realize that this can discourage customers and potential clients from coming in or from patronizing their goods or services. Like any other property, the space around the business structure will affect the flow …

Commercial Landscaping Tips for Small Business Owners Read More

Woman cleaning floor

As businesses try to find ways to reduce operations costs, many are looking to cut costs in their maintenance and cleaning programs. While there are many ways to achieve this, businesses find it hard to identify the strategies which will truly cut costs and bring long-term savings. Some choose to invest less in products and …

Optimising Facility Cleaning Operations for Reduced Costs Read More

black air compressor

Whatever the application in any industry, compressed air is gaining more attention every day. With developments come stringent measures that this compressed air must meet, so the choice of an air compressor system must be accurate. This has not slowed down the production of compressors. The screw compressor technology has a wide market that includes …

Basics and Applications of the Screw Air Compressor Read More

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