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Regional News

Mardi Gras masks

Every year, Mardi Gras celebrations gather more than 1.5 million tourists from around the world. They take on the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana to join the festivities in the iconic “Fat Tuesday” parades. The yearly celebration is observed anywhere from Venice, Italy to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. But the one in Louisiana is the …

What to Expect from Louisiana’s Mardi Gras This Year Read More

Camera man in a public speach

With the new High Definition video quality, it’s like everything is under a magnifying glass. These days, even phones have zoom technology, HD capability, and it seems like every flaw can be seen under a looking glass. However, the fundamental principles of taking videos, especially for commercial use, will still hold true. You will still …

The Right Camera Angle for Public Speeches Read More

paper waste

If you’re looking to push a green initiative in your workplace, the first place to start would be identifying the types of wastes that your office generates. While it may be tempting to simply pile them all in one bag or bin for collection, there are reasons for doing your due diligence about the kind …

Identifying The Different Types of Office Waste Read More

friends brainstorming for business

It’s not surprising that new entrepreneurs often feel overwhelmed when starting a business. There’s simply a lot of work to do. There’s also the fact that there’s a pending “doom,” a reputation lost or resources drained when they don’t do things right and cover their bases. But too much overwhelm, when left unaddressed, is tiring. …

How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed When Starting a Business Read More

marketing plan

The Internet has been widely used all over the world. Whenever you post something on social media or other sites, people can see it right away. That is why entrepreneurs make use of it as a promotional tool. They post advertisements, infographics, blogs, and pictures for everyone in the world to see. Doing business in …

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A conceptual look at variable mortgage rates.

Buying a home can be a two-edged sword. You have your own place and at the same time, you are paying your debts for the years to come. Dealing with a mortgage, however, should not stress you out. It is only the problem of those who do not have the discipline or those who have …

Your Easy Guide to Paying Your Mortgage Much Earlier Read More

Laser Engraving Machine

Rotary machines were the tools of choice for engraving and personalization in the past decades, but modern CO2 laser-engraving devices are slowly pushing them away from the scene. The majority of businesses offering personalized engraving and etching have now switched to modern CO2 laser-engraving machines, and there are many reasons why. Ease of Use CO2 laser-engraving machines …

Modern Engraving Techniques with Hi-tech Lasers Read More

piggy bank and paper house and coins stack for mortgage loans concept

One of the significant investments that one gets into during their lifetime is buying of a home. Owning a home provides a much-desired feeling of contentment, and it is a venture worth investing in. Getting the whole sum to purchase a home upfront is not always possible, and here is where the need for a …

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Employees working

Growing a business can be very challenging, especially for startup companies. Building a brand takes a lot of time. The key here is to give your customers the right impression of your business. This is why you need to be versatile when promoting your products and services. Make strong observation on how the market changes, …

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