Know People: How Your HR Team Can Use People Analytics

Big data is becoming an essential part of today’s workplace. But it is not just analyzing the trends of the market where it is useful. Potential employees generate large amounts of data, and these tell many things about them. With the right people analytics platform, you can learn many data points so that you can

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photo of the house's attic

Commercial Property Maintenance 101: The Dos

The proper maintenance of your building helps preserve its aesthetics and value. Routine maintenance tasks such as repairs and renovations are essential in the sustenance of your commercial building. These have long-term benefits because tenants desire to live in a well-maintained building. Cleaning A clean building attracts new tenants and is likely to retain the

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woman holding the keys to her new car

A Secondhand Car, A Brand New Experience: Is It for You?

After years of service, the sedan that was once your dream car has given way to endless repairs or an engine that could not work anymore. Maybe you could buy another brand new ride, wanting to catch up on the latest trends and advancements in the newest sedan. But at the same time, you want

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man holding keys to a house

Tips for Selling Your House Without a Major Renovation

A lot of people think that selling a house is easy as long as you spruce it up a bit and do some repairs. If you have been watching a lot of home makeover series on TV, then perhaps you might think that renovating a house is indeed easy. But you need to take into

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mechanical engineers at work

Pursuing a Career in Mechanical Engineering

You’re done with college. Tucked under your belt is a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. It’s now time to scout for employment opportunities. Your MIT credentials are now up for sale as one of the top five graduates. Reputable companies, from those making air compressors and industrial pumps to those making airplanes, are wooing you

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Ice on roof and gutters

The Common Roofing Problems to Watch Out For

Whether you are a proud home or building owner, there are definitely a few things that you should do to make sure that your roofing stays in prime condition for years and years to come. Having your roofing repaired at all times can definitely be costly, which is why you should make an effort to

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great office space

Office Fitout: A Key to a More Productive Workplace

Business success comes with a price, notably manifesting in the need to hire more employees to accommodate the ever-growing workload of the company. In most situations, business owners then feel the need to relocate to accommodate the growing number of employees. However, relocation is not always the best solution to the lack of space in

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woman on a bungee cord

Fear of Heights: Here’s How You Can Overcome It

Many people suffer from fear of heights, which can be a problem if your profession involves industrial tank painting or working on a skyscraper. Fortunately, acrophobia, the technical term for fear of heights, is manageable. With a few tricks, you can overcome this fear. Know the triggers The first thing you should do is to sense

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going on a tour

Starting out on a Lincoln Historical Tour? Quick Tips to Cover Your Weekend Trip

Abraham Lincoln is among the most recognizable and influential American presidents. Though he remains well-known to this day, anyone can benefit from a deeper appreciation and more authentic understanding by visiting the places where he lived. There are many places associated with our 16th president, but for the first-time historical traveler, it’s a good idea

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Real Talk: Three Things to Remember When Talking to Stubborn Parents

If you think that your aging parents are getting more and more stubborn by the day, you’re not alone. Most caregiver-relatives feel that their folks never care to listen to their advice, especially those pieces of advice that concern their safety and well-being. At risk for slips and falls, but Mom and Dad move into

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