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Restaurant: How to Launch a Food Business from the Ground Up

The ongoing pandemic still greatly impacts the restaurant industry in the United States. Take-out was the go-to option of many people since it was the safest alternative for those who are not comfortable going out. But now that there is already a vaccine and the world economy is starting to get back on its feet,

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The Recreational Vehicle as an Alternative Real Estate Investment

Buying a home is a significant investment. The first consideration made when thinking of buying a home is its appreciating value. It is safe against inflation and is an excellent long-term investment. Homeowners no longer have to pay rent, which is a pure expense. Instead, by paying their mortgage monthly, they gain home equity and

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Creating a Better Experience for Employees

You will invest in many resources for your business. However, you will find that your employees will offer the most value. Even personnel in non-essential tasks require the best candidates, helping your business progress into a growing and developing company that can keep up with the most established empires in your industry. However, the competition

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How 2020 Was Like for Your Favorite Independent Coffee Shops

The pandemic has changed all aspects of human life, including how we drink coffee. Before COVID-19, the coffee shop culture was thriving. There was Starbucks at every street corner, independent coffee shops elsewhere. People of all ages, whether working adults or teens who are in school, cannot go through the day without getting their usual cup

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Dinar Recaps: News Site or Another Dinar Guru Scam?

We talked about the “Dinar Guru” scam in a separate article, and since then, we’ve been inundated with e-mails about the veracity of various other dinar investors online. Thankfully, a majority of the dinar sites and investors our readers asked about were legitimate, although we still cautioned them about the nature of forex investments, from

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How to Get More Leads as a New Insurance Agent

It is rarely easy to find new clients for your insurance business. In fact, finding prospects is often the most difficult part of being an insurance agent, even with years of experience and polished people skills. Nevertheless, it comes with the territory, and the amount and quality of leads that you generate will dictate your

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gas prices

These Factors Determine Gas Prices

In the decades to come, historians will look back on 2020 as one of the most defining years of the modern era, with the global COVID-19 pandemic drastically changing and redefining entire industries and business spaces, including natural oil and gas. Gas prices in 2020 underwent such radical changes that it is only now starting

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Strong Company Culture: Key to Surviving the COVID-19 Era

You may underestimate it. But your company’s culture is vital to the survival of the organization during the pandemic. In essence, COVID-19 is one gigantic litmus test for all organizations on the planet. By putting restrictions in place, we are forced to deal with limited resources. For one, the supply chain is disrupted. There are

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The Second Life Marketplace: A Virtual Investment with Real-World Returns

We all know that the video game industry has long since left the niche market and is now a thriving multi-billion-dollar industry, generating revenue not just from sales of actual video games, but also through merchandising, e-sports events, movie franchises, among others. But video games can also influence –and have significant implications –real-world concepts: in

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Is XRP the New Bitcoin?

In the often-confusing world of cryptocurrency, one name stands out: bitcoin. Since its inception in 2009, bitcoin has become sort-of analogous to cryptocurrency, with many people thinking they’re one and the same. However, bitcoin is just one of the many cryptocurrencies that are floating around on the internet, and while it is the biggest cryptocurrency

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