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6 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Your First House Flip

When done right, house flipping can be a very lucrative business, raking tens or even hundreds of thousands into your bank accounts every year. However, turning a fixer-upper into one’s dream home requires a unique set of skills—one that not every flipper starts out with. There can be a lot of mistakes along the way

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business owner

Important Pointers for Business Owners

As a new business owner, there are plenty of challenges to face. Here are five ways to make the road ahead easier and more fruitful.  Table of Contents Protecting What It Is YoursFollowing the LawResting on Your LaurelsBuilding a TeamOn an Even KeelProtecting What It Is Yours One of the worst mistakes anybody can make

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Kid-friendly Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs Who Love Children

One valuable lesson many successful entrepreneurs are never tired of sharing is to choose a business idea you love. Many of today’s most remarkable entrepreneurs thrive because they built their empires out of what they are passionate about. Walt Disney always loved drawing, created iconic cartoon characters, and now owns his own mass media company.

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corporate garden

Corporate Gardens: The Company That Plants Together, Succeeds Together

In business, when you’re so focused on the outcome, certain things that appear to not directly contribute to it may be sidelined. Take Six Sixma principles as examples. By eliminating various factors that do not contribute to the overall outcome of a manufacturing process, you achieve greater results. A key example here is General Electric.

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Why You Should Hire for Character

During recruitment season, hiring managers hold the responsibility of picking out the best and brightest among candidates. This usually means searching for the most skilled applicants and offering them a position in your organization. However, there are instances where an applicant does not have or exceed all the qualifications but has a personality and work

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buying a house

Rent and Do the Things You Love

In the rental property business, an investor purchases and manages revenue properties on their timetable. These facilities can also have one or more apartments rented out to tenants every month for rental fees. Without having to manage the properties themselves, investors can have a successful rental strategy. Instead, management companies can be engaged to handle

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Important Business Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

Just as there are many ways to skin a cat, there are also different alternatives to flourish in business. Here are four of the most important ones. Table of Contents Confidentiality and DeclutteringFlexibility in HiringSelectivity With Your CustomersManaging ExpectationsConfidentiality and Decluttering In the vast majority of cases, starting businesses don’t have many things. Whether it

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Running an Eco-Friendly Business: Sustainability is Key

Aside from the fact that COVID-19 will decrease global energy consumption, energy conservation is one of the most pressing global trends among many companies. Electrified trucks are being utilized in cargo handling, LEED accreditation is becoming more popular for many structures, and LED lighting has become the new standard. In cities such as New York

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Contributing to a Nonprofit Is Profitable for Your Business

Today, businesses must have values and show that they are acting on these because consumers now choose to support socially responsible brands. Contributing significantly to nonprofit organizations shows concrete proof of social responsibility. These contributions are also tax-deductible, making them cost-free. Consumers Reward Brands with Values Through Purchases These are reflected in the findings of

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