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Emergency Funds: Why Your Business Needs to Have One

There are many reasons why businesses fail, whether it is a failing market or even a natural disaster. But a leading issue for many companies is that they face cash flow issues. Money is what makes a business run. If you don’t have the funds to pay off your suppliers and your employees’ salaries, then you

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Top of the Line: Equipment for Your Start-up Food Business

In business, you’ll have to invest your money, time, and effort even before it rises off the ground. You dedicate some time to creating and polishing a business idea, you spend money on the things you’ll need to begin it, and you put effort into all these steps. You will also need to do feasibility

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Why a Mission/Vision Statement is Vital for Running a Company

If you want to start a business, there are many things to consider like projecting sales growth, planning to scale, setting goals, and all the other operational stuff. But some foundational things can be overlooked. Establishing your company’s vision and mission is something that is vital from the very beginning. What’s the difference between a

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“Dinar Guru” And Why the Dinar Scam is Still Victimizing People

The modern history of Iraq has not been a pretty one: in between a violent revolution that deposed the Hashemite monarchy to the two Gulf Wars, there are entire generations of Iraqis who have yet to experience peace and stability. Despite their struggles, the country marches on, and even with all the violence and the

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3 Things that Can Drain Money from Your Business

Just as businesses can earn revenues through several strategies, they can also drain their money in many ways. Some are subtle that you won’t know their impact until they have done considerable financial damage. If you want to increase your sales or cash flow or reduce your expenses (or both), take a look at some

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Disaster preparedness

A Beginner’s Guide to Crime and Disaster Preparedness

Your employees are the lifeblood of any business. Even for small startups and restaurants, an employee alone can make a considerable difference in what needs to be done. However, almost any type of business will need to expect the unexpected in just about any circumstance. A good portion of the United States has different climates.

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A Practical Guide to Cutting Cut Costs with Your Startup

Starting a business is a big step. It comes with many decisions to make and a certain amount of money to shell out. Committing grave mistakes on these two aspects can mean disaster. What smart decisions can you incorporate for you not to waste your startup funds? Here are some practical ideas for you. Seek

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3 Growth Strategies for Small Businesses

It’s a tough world out there, and it takes guts and courage to start a small business. Small business owners have taken on a lot of risks to follow their dream of becoming their own boss. It’s been said that a business only truly becomes successful once they’ve hit the ten-year mark. Everything before that

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New Franchisee Mishaps: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Franchise companies equip new franchisees with training programs, manuals, and other supporting guides to help them establish their businesses seamlessly. The challenge is that most franchise newbies are encouraged to learn end and implement many new things at once. Since you have plenty on your plate, it’s tempting to make “logical” decisions within consulting the

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Time to Take Better Care of Your Retiring Employees

A retiring employee is a testament to your caliber as an employer. If someone devoted most of their life in service to your company — then it must have been an excellent place to work in. However, what happens to that retiree after leaving also reflects on your company — and retirees need help more

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