Michbelles started out simple: we wanted to start a blog where home-based entrepreneurs could come and share their thoughts about the exciting businesses they’ve started. Soon enough, however, Michbelles quickly grew into an online magazine that focuses on making the corporate and financial world easier to understand and digest by the layperson.

It’s an understatement to say that the nitty-gritty of running a business –whether it’s a small, home-based endeavor or a multi-national behemoth –can be confusing at times. Here at Michbelles, we want everyone to be able to understand corporate jargon and financial terms and concepts easily; you shouldn’t need an MBA from Wharton just to be good at business (although it does help!) or to avoid going bankrupt. In short, we’re trying to take in-depth knowledge and make it easier to understand for all kinds of business owners and entrepreneurs.

Our staff of wonderful and amazing (they made me write that!) writers are from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds with a common goal: make business knowledge more accessible. We have writers who have worked in multinational corporations as C-level executives, and we have writers who have just started their own business in their garage. Regardless of where they come from, we at Michbelles all want our readers to have the most comprehensive information they can get about running a business in the modern world.

Our readers are just as varied as our writers, and we’re proud to have audience members from the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and even all the way to Australia, which just goes to show: we all have a shared interest in running our business in the best way possible.

Peter Mortenstein is a personal financial consultant and a veteran day trader and hedge fund manager. After working the gritty Wall Street Market for over a decade, Peter decided to leave the high-stakes world of stocks behind and decided to open up his own financial consultancy company that offers free financial literacy education to underprivileged youths. Peter is the editor-in-chief of Michbelles and he wants to make sure that every article that comes out is geared towards helping people manage their business and their finance better, as he has seen what happens when sharks take out mom-and-pops when they smell trouble! In his off days, Peter likes to go fishing with his wife (who does not enjoy it) and his 10-year-old (who loves it).

Esther Leroy graduated from Harvard with a Math degree and pursued a doctorate in Applied Mathematics from Oxford University in England. However, after spending a month backpacking across Europe and Southeast Asia and eating everything in sight, Esther instead opted to open up a diner just outside of Georgetown, Massachusetts. She also acts as a sort-of local accountant for people who need financial help but are short in change. When she’s not whipping up delicious international cuisine, Esther teaches AP Math and AP Physics at the local high school. On the weekends, she likes to keep active by hiking, biking, and wall-climbing.

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