August 29, 2019

Day: August 29, 2019

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People are visual beings. We feed our minds and souls with images that make us question, ponder, and discover the matters of the world. What we see, we embed in our memories. And this, we manifest further in this digital day and age. We have seen the emergence of well-known businesses rebranding over the past …

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going on a tour

Abraham Lincoln is among the most recognizable and influential American presidents. Though he remains well-known to this day, anyone can benefit from a deeper appreciation and more authentic understanding by visiting the places where he lived. There are many places associated with our 16th president, but for the first-time historical traveler, it’s a good idea …

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If you think that your aging parents are getting more and more stubborn by the day, you’re not alone. Most caregiver-relatives feel that their folks never care to listen to their advice, especially those pieces of advice that concern their safety and well-being. At risk for slips and falls, but Mom and Dad move into …

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