February 8, 2019

Day: February 8, 2019

Heavy machinery unloading sand

Earth-moving machinery has been around since the ancient times when Romans made use of cranes together with other heavy equipment to move around rocks and huge boulders. The Roman Soldier Flavius Silva was famous for handling earthmoving projects, but it was the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius, however, who had provided historians with insights about how …

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e-commerce button on keyboard

Returns are a big problem for many retailers. It’s even a bigger issue for e-commerce businesses since managing returns for this sector is more expensive. Managing them properly is also important since research shows that 95 percent of buyers come back to an online store to buy more if they had a positive experience there. Fortunately, with …

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approved personal loan application document

Whether you’re facing a financial crisis or exploring your business opportunities, there are a few things to consider before applying for loans. Apart from the requirements, you need to ensure you can accommodate your financial obligations. Feel free to use the guidelines below: Understand the Purpose of a Loan The first thing you need to …

5 Things you MUST Consider Before Applying for Loans 
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Shelving can be a significant challenge in our day-to-day activities. Consider a scenario where there is limited space for storage of properties in a warehouse or retail setting. Due to the limited space, there have been innovations that offer solutions to shelving challenges. One of these innovations is mobile shelving. Before the selection of a …

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