February 6, 2019

Day: February 6, 2019

Woman cleaning floor

As businesses try to find ways to reduce operations costs, many are looking to cut costs in their maintenance and cleaning programs. While there are many ways to achieve this, businesses find it hard to identify the strategies which will truly cut costs and bring long-term savings. Some choose to invest less in products and …

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black air compressor

Whatever the application in any industry, compressed air is gaining more attention every day. With developments come stringent measures that this compressed air must meet, so the choice of an air compressor system must be accurate. This has not slowed down the production of compressors. The screw compressor technology has a wide market that includes …

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marketing plan

The Internet has been widely used all over the world. Whenever you post something on social media or other sites, people can see it right away. That is why entrepreneurs make use of it as a promotional tool. They post advertisements, infographics, blogs, and pictures for everyone in the world to see. Doing business in …

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Environmental health and hospital waste have always had a frosty relationship. Speaking of hospital waste, there are at least three categories — pathological waste, sharps waste, and solid waste and liquid waste. All these have the potential to endanger lives if they are not handled properly. There’s no doubt that the cost of healthcare waste …

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