January 23, 2019

Day: January 23, 2019

Senior entrepreneur posing with his arms crossed

Entrepreneurship, is it a game for the young ones? Colonel Sanders didn’t think so. If you’re not familiar with his story, here’s a quick background. He started selling fried chicken at 65 years old and failed multiple times before the world discovered the gem that is KFC. Other distinguished entrepreneurs also started later in their …

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Home ownership is still the American Dream, albeit elusive. The significant imbalance between housing demand and property supply across the United States has made it harder for an average Arizonan to afford a house. Considering that the painful memory of the recent financial crisis is still fresh, many individuals remain reluctant to buy a property …

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piggy bank and paper house and coins stack for mortgage loans concept

One of the significant investments that one gets into during their lifetime is buying of a home. Owning a home provides a much-desired feeling of contentment, and it is a venture worth investing in. Getting the whole sum to purchase a home upfront is not always possible, and here is where the need for a …

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