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ACCIO Energy - Belle Michigan Portfolio

Accio Energy, Inc. is an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based early-stage renewable energy company led by experienced and successful previously venture-backed executives. The company is developing unique “turbine-less” wind energy generation technology to deliver clean, sustainable energy to people around the globe. The company’s proprietary Aerovoltaic™ systems generate electricity using wind and a charged water mist. Accio Energy’s world class engineering team is the first ever to design, test, and repeatedly demonstrate meaningful net positive energy with multiple prototypes that incorporate a patent-pending electric field management design breakthrough. Accio has developed the first ever comprehensive 3-D multi-physics model of system potential; going beyond the largely analytical approaches of other researchers. The company is currently in process of selling its IP.




AdAdapted is an Ann Arbor based developer that connects consumer product brands and shoppers through meaningful engagements in the apps that impact path-to-purchase. Through proprietary integrations across a network of premium mobile partners, AdAdapted engages grocery decision-makers and creates brand connections through content and utility that simplify planning and shopping.




BriteHub is an online platform that connects entrepreneurs with service providers and manufacturers to successfully get products to market faster and cheaper through education, guidance and effective communication.  BriteHub's community of manufacturers are skilled in 40 different manufacturing processes with over 200 materials and can produce hard goods, soft goods and electronics.  It's efficient and streamlined platform matches product developers, service providers and manufacturers and provides a venue for collaboration to enable the production of innovation products faster and cheaper by utilizing available domestic manufacturing capacity.  BELLE Michigan invested in BriteHub's convertible note in 2014 and serves as an advisor.




Cadenza Innovation, based in Connecticut, was founded in 2012 by Dr. Christina Lampe-Onnerud, founder and former CEO of Boston-Power, and one of the pre-eminent battery experts in the world. Christina has once again assembled a world-class team, many of whom had key leadership roles at Boston-Power, with a ground-breaking battery pack architecture and global Tier 1 partners.  Cadenza Innovation is poised to become a world leader in battery architecture, performance and safety, with a mission to solve big problems through innovation in technology. Cadenza’s Unique Cell Design combines the best properties from wound jelly rolls and large prismatic cells and allows for game-changing high energy density at low cost for EV, PHEV and grid markets.



Consortia Health Holdings, Inc., is a personalized medicine company providing an integrated delivery model in partnership with physicians to provide diagnosis, treatment, and educational support to address pelvic floor disorders including urinary incontinence, pelvic pain and sexual health. Consortia Health is a leading provider of these services in the US and has been a trusted partner transforming patient lives. Consortia Health is focused on three strategic imperatives: becoming the worldwide leader in clinical continence services, expanding into the assisted living market and diversifying by offering a product portfolio while increasing revenue from international expansion.



Cosign is an app that makes your photos shoppable. Users of the COSIGN app can buy and recommend their favorite products, directly from social media with a simple tap. Cosign has developed the first app to make products in your photos available for purchase, turning your social media followers into customers and your style into a way to earn cash.


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Court Innovations is based in Ann Arbor, Mich., and is a spin out from the University of Michigan Law School. Matterhorn allows courts to handle many high-volume infractions completely online, saving citizens and courts time and money. Rather than limiting judicial or law enforcement discretion, Matterhorn enables decision-makers to resolve cases more efficiently and equitably. Its 24/7 access and education component empowers defendants to work with the court to resolve minor violations informally, and at a convenient time.



Cynja Tech, LLC develops and markets a mobile application, Cynja Space, for kids to navigate cyperspace in a secure and private way. Founded in 2014 and based in Washington, District of Columbia, Cynja Tech's app engages kids in an educational and inspiring way when they use the internet, to teach them how to make smart choices and provide protection in their digital lives. Cynja Space educates parents, offers cyber security protections, controls data sharing with only trusted connections and provides parents with granular controls and activity reports.



Freedom Creators - Belle Michigan Portfolio

Freedom Creators Inc., established in Holland Michigan in 2007, is the creator of the patented FreedomWand®, an easy-to-use personal hygiene aid superior to any product of its kind. THe FreedomWand® is not only a toileting aid but can hold a disposable shaver, ointment pad, loofah or light weight washcloth. The device can be adjusted to different lengths, is easy to assemble and clean and can be carried in its own cloth bag to accommodate the user's active and independent lifestyle.



Magaw Medical is a medical device company that manufactures the CoPilot VL® video laryngoscope. The CoPilot VL® is an innovative and affordable video laryngoscope designed to make intubation and airway management quick and easy no matter where it is needed. Its patented Bougie Port system solves the issue of getting the endotracheal tube “around the corner” and into the trachea. The CoPilot VL® was designed to be the new standard of care for airway management portable, affordable and easy to use.



NX Prenatal Inc. is a private molecular diagnostics company located in Louisville, KY, advancing women and children's health by providing innovative and novel methods to detect, monitor and manage pregnancy related complications. Their vision is to become a recognized leader in the advancement of women and children's health by providing innovative and novel methods to detect, monitor and manage pregnancy related complications.  Its proprietary NeXosome,TM technology detects a new library of biomarkers for prenatal risk assessment as early as 10 weeks gestation.  This technology has been shown through studies to provide physicians the opportunity to intervene in a timely manner with protocols for at-risk pregnancies to reduce the likelihood of a preterm birth or minimize the complications that can arise for child and mother.





Sisu Global Health is a medical device company that addresses critical needs in emerging markets. Its first product, the Hemafuse is a handheld, mechanical device for intraoperative autotransfusion of blood collected from an internal hemorrhage, meant to replace or augment donor blood in emergency situations The Sisu team has developed patented technologies and business models in Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Zimbabwe and India.



Work Truck Solution (WTS) is a work truck supply chain management tool bringing automation to the US automotive market by providing the customers, body builders and dealers with a platform for managing the marketing and purchase of work trucks. Its platform solves the current industry problem of  being unable to electronically track finished work trucks (trucks produced for vocational use  that integrate an OEM manufactured chassis with body produced by a multitude of special purpose body manufacturers sold to the end customer by an automotive dealer).  



Zenith Technology Solutions (ZTS) harnesses technology to optimize healthcare delivery, especially for at risk groups of patients.  The company provides ground-breaking Care Coordination platform, ICDP, that helps health plans and providers to achieve improved care outcomes while optimizing their financial performance.  The platform leverages proprietary algorithms, actionable data analytics and an innovative care delivery engine.